Scramble 3.28

Solve word puzzles by figuring out their "encryption"
3.28.0018 (See all)
RAD Software
Find out what the encoded phrase on your screen says by figuring out how the application has scrambled the letters of the alphabet. Play alone or with your friends and family, solve the puzzle on your PC, or print them out and turn the game into a fun group or class activity.

One of the most popular word games ever, Scramble transforms a phrase into a coded message by scrambling the alphabet. You can either solve a randomly chosen message on-screen, or you can select from a list of phrases to encrypt and print for family, friends, colleagues, students, etc., to solve on paper.
Scramble comes with several quotes from well-known personalities (such as Mark Twain) and celebrities (such a Lily Tomlin). Also, you can create, save, and use any number of your own phrases! Each time you choose a phrase to use, Scramble randomly codes it in real time, so no two encryptions are ever the same.
Scramble is especially appropriate in an educational environment as an effective learning tool that emphasizes English skills which students find entertaining.

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